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Figma Community plugin – Builder Flash is a powerful tool designed to streamline your Figma workflow. With this plugin, you can effortlessly transform JSON data into fully realized layouts in Figma. Whether you’re designing a website header, app interface, or any other visual element, this plugin simplifies the process.

NB Vector Map

Figma Community plugin – Quickly create vector maps of countries around the world

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Easy Watermark

Figma Community plugin – Easy Watermark The plugin will help you quickly create a watermark layer. If you needed to cover the entire photo/layer/frame with watermarks, then this plugin will help you with this. How it works: Add the plugin to your save.Go to your project and in the plugins section enter “Easy Watermark”O…

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Column creator – Autolayout helper

Figma Community plugin – Revolutionize your Figma experience with our game-changing plugin! 🌟 Introducing the Autolayout Wrap Solution: Tired of struggling with autolayout wrap? Our plugin has your back! No more headaches over item alignment or frame sizes. 🎉 Effortless Column Creation: Say goodbye to manual calculatio…

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