Designing in Figma comes to education Chromebooks

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Google and Figma have partnered to bring integration of Figma’s design and prototyping platform as well as collaborative whiteboarding app FigJam to schools Chromebooks. Schools can now apply for the beta program which will start over the summer.

Figma is like Google Docs for design projects. Instead of being a heavy-load for the computer, it’s light-weight and easy to use. Figma is also collaborative and usually better on app and web designs than Adobe Illustrator.

Figma has partnered with Google in order to make coding software more accessible to a younger student population. The two companies hope that Figma’s software will help students use advanced coding tools as they get more comfortable using the basics.


Demand for collaborative cloud-based software has increased from schools in the past few years. Many districts issued laptops to students to help them collaborate on assignments and submit content online.

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