Dencar icon pack is a pixel perfect icon pack done for the figma community. Some months ago I was not able to create an icon from scratch. This is why Dencar was born, to improve my skillset creating icons and also to create a resource that could help other designers.

Some of the properties of the icon pack:
✅ Respecting keygrid & keylines

✅ Easy to quick search

✅ 4 Types of icons (Linear, Duotone, Filled & Monochrome)

✅ Icon size 24px

✅ Variable stroke weight

✅ Divided in 12 categories

✅ 3 types of corners:

Straight corner – corner radius 0
Smooth corner – corner radius 2
Rounded corners – corner radius 4

The icon pack is inspired in Phosphor icons by Helena Zhang & Toby Fried.

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