The Sizze plugin makes it ten times easier to develop your products. Export Figma to React andspeed up the mobile app development process by quickly converting design into React Native code with Sizze.

Skip the coding part

The Sizze plugin can instantly convert your mobile app design into React Native code. You no longer need to write code from scratch.

Clean structure

The whole structure and names of elements in the layout are repeated in the code, which gives convenient navigation in the project.

Convertible components

All components created in Figma will be faithfully converted to React Native code components.

Other features included:

Auto Layout

All components assembled in Auto Layout mode turn into elements that are easy to use for building dynamic lists and connecting backends.


We have developed algorithms to adapt layouts for all application screens. Just add the constraints property, and you will see how easy it is.

Scroll and grid

Create dynamic content directly from your prototypes. All you need to do is write properties to elements, and you’ll get results without any coding.

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