This set is created for you by Streamline — the creators of world’s largest icon and illustration sets. Streamline won the best graphic resource award by Figma in 2022. Many of the world’s best designers like Tobias Van Schneider, Khoi Vinh, recommend Streamline.

Download 150 vector illustrations, picked from our best sets:

Milano (1,140 illustrations)
Brookyln (1,195 illustrations)
UX Colors (9,300 illustrations)
UX Duotone (9,300 illustrations)
UX Line (5,300 illustrations)
Bangalore (160 illustrations)
Barcelona (830 illustrations)
London (130 illustrations)
Bruxelles (290 illustrations)
Djakarta (220 illustrations)
Porto (120 illustrations)
Manila (230 illustrations)
Havana (95 illustrations)
Seoul (320 illustrations)
Sofia (75 illustrations)

Use the vectors for free but please credit us with a link.

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