Personas are key to the design process because they reflect the lifestyles of users and give your team an idea of how to meet users’ needs or challenges.

Personas are created by conducting user research and identifying common pain points, which are UX issues that frustrate and block the user from getting what they need from a product.

Generally, creating 3 to 8 personas is enough to represent the majority of a product’s user base. Think of personas as an overview of all of your research and interviews. While it’s important for personas to accurately represent users, it’s impossible to meet every one of their specific needs. Personas are also context-specific, meaning they should be focused on the behaviours and goals of users interacting with the product effectively.

You can use the information in personas to create designs that speak directly to users, like Ali in the example. This ensures users have the best experience when using your product!

Note that this is just 1 way to build your persona. Explore a variety of persona templates like the Figjam User Persona template and Just In Mind persona templates and examples.

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