Record and share audio notes for teammates with the voice memo widget. Provide feedback that’s hard to capture on a sticky, asynchronous updates, or a quick message to let someone know they’re doing a great job.

You can record up to 30 seconds of audio and a title to the recording for more context. When someone listens to the recording, their name appears below so you know if your message was received.

Get started with the voice memo widget:

Click “Install” at the top right of this page
Open a FigJam file
On the tool bar, click the button at the far right and search for “Voice Memo”
Select the voice memo widget to insert it into your document
Click the play button to record a greeting

Learn more about how to use this widget with your team and try it out for yourself in this playground file:

The voice memo widget is licensed under Figma’s Terms of Service, unless you have a different agreement with us for Figma Services.

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